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DeSoto ISD offers an expansive early childhood curriculum which provides exposure to science, technology, engineering and math. In addition, students are offered music and art to develop creativity and self-expression. 

The Amber Terrace Early Childhood Learning Center also offers students the foundation and tools to understand how to exist within the school setting with emphasis on soft, social-emotional skills, social etiquette and peer relationships.

Families interested in exploring early childhood options in DeSoto ISD can call to schedule a tour of the campus which focuses on delivering specialized instruction solely designated for pre-kindergarten students. 

Parents can also enroll their three- and four-year old students in a DeSoto ISD pre-kindergarten program at the campus

This free, full-day Pre-K learning experience also offers students hot meal options at breakfast and lunch.


Campus Contact Information

Amber Terrace Early Childhood Learning Center

224 Amber Lane

DeSoto, Texas 75115