About the School

Campus History:

In 1978, the Amber Terrace Intermediate campus was built with 34 classrooms, 825 student capacity.

In 2004, the campus was expanded under a bond project passed that year by community voters.

In 2007, following the opening of McCowan Middle School, the Amber Terrace campus was transitioned to an elementary school.

In 2016, the campus transitioned to  serve  as a district-wide Pre-K Program, as well as supporting Children With Disabilities (from ages 3-5). 

In 2021, the campus was closed as the district restructured the remaining campuses into PK - 2 Early Learning Centers, 3 - 5 Grade Elementary Campuses, 6 - 8 Middle Schools, DeSoto High School and DAEP. 

In 2023, Amber Terrace reopened as a PreK3 and PreK4 center.



Amber Terrace Expectations


1) I will respect my parents, my teachers, myself and others.

2) I will keep my hands, my feet, and other objects to myself.

3) I will walk silently on the blue in the hallways at all times.

4) I will follow directions, the first time given.

5) I will always act, speak, and give my best.